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New Sine Parallels Make Angled Setups Easy Providing Fast 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° Setups

Now there's a fast and easy way to setup work pieces for machining at three common angles. Using Kurt's new Sine Parallels, rectangle parts can be clamped precisely and quickly at 30°, 45° and 60° angles. The Sine Parallels also provide opportunity for clamping round workpieces.

The new and innovative precision ground Kurt Sine Parallels increase the versatility of any standard 6-inch Kurt vise. They install and position quickly and easily with a single bolt for each plate. No need to remove jaw plates --they remain in the vise while using the Sine Parallels. Following the initial setup, the Sine Parallels can be quickly changed to any of the other angles and also be used as a parallel.

"Kurt's new Sine Parallels are ideal for any lot size from prototype to production," reports Steve Kane, global sales and marketing manager for Kurt. "The Sine Parallels are a better and more cost-effective option than building a special fixture. They add versatility to any existing standard Kurt 6-inch vise at a modest cost."

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