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Boring Head's On-Board Electronic Measurement System Allows for Fast, Ultra-Precise Adjustments

BIG Kaiser's new Series 112 EWD 2-54 digital precision finish boring head allows operators to make precision adjustments on the fly.

A large, high-contrast display relates diameter corrections with a resolution of .000005"/ (.001mm/ for metric heads). The tool carrier's measuring system shows the effective movement of the cutting edge and permits diameter corrections in both directions.

The head, with KA6 connection, features absolute setting accuracy. An on-board electronic measurement system in the tool carrier allows for ultra-precise diameter adjustments and a boring range of .079" to 2.126". For ease of use, a single button is all that is needed to turn it on, or to reset it. An IP 69K seal rating - highest possible - assures the internal components are completely protected in the most extreme environments.

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