New Grinding Oil Limits Mist, Ensures Clear View of Machining Process

Blaser Swisslube introduces Blasogrind GTM 4 grinding oil, a product based on gas-to-liquid technology that demonstrates outstanding grinding performance in carbide grinding.

Among other things, the innovation is characterized by its low tendency to mist, good wetting and rinsing characteristics, good machine compatibility and filterability, as well as excellent stability.

In addition, it is colorless and ensures a rapid air release, ensuring a clear view of the machining process.

The versatility of the Blasogrind GTM 4 extends across different market segments and a wide spectrum of applications. It is a multi-purpose grinding oil ideal for producing cutting tools, molding tools and precision parts made of carbide, high speed steel, regular and special steels, ceramics, as well as other materials.

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Blaser Swisslube

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[New Grinding Oil Limits Mist, Ensures Clear View of Machining Process]

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