Ultra-Precise, Fully Hydrostatic, Horizontal Turning Machine Perfect for Hard Pieces

With high material removal rates, simple setups, and quick changeover times, Danobat/Hembrug's Mikroturn horizontal machine could be the answer to your manufacturing challenges for hardened workpieces up to 70 HRC.

The machine's natural granite base with an integrated vibration dampening system offers high thermal stability. Its wear-free hydrostatic main spindle and guideways offer everlasting accuracy.

The ability to machine complex shapes and perform multiple operations in one setup makes this an accurate and efficient machine. You can machine workpieces with complex contours or perform combinations of ID and OD machining in a single clamping, avoiding re-clamping errors.

VIDEO: Mikroturn® -- High-precision horizontal hard turning machine

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Danobat / Hembrug

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[Ultra-Precise, Fully Hydrostatic, Horizontal Turning Machine Perfect for Hard Pieces]

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