PowerChuck Workholding System Offers New, Innovative Design; Still 100% Compatible with Previous Versions

The EROWA PowerChuck P is the universal interface for quick and precise positioning of palletized workpieces or fixtures on a machine table. With the new PowerChuck Edge 20, the workpiece palletizing system has been updated with new, innovative design and functions.

Whether on milling or drilling machines, profile or surface grinding machines, or on the spindles of dividing heads and lathes, the EROWA PowerChuck P workpiece palletizing system is the most flexible and precise interface between machine and workpiece. The new PowerChuck P chucks and pallets are 100% compatible with the previous versions as well.

The 10,000 N clamping force in the PowerChuck P chuck guarantees a powerful and reliable hold during workpiece manufacturing. The compact, low-profile design of the clamping system leaves plenty of room for workpieces and their machining.

Another beneficial aspect of the new PowerChuck P is the use of low-wear ceramic clamping balls. These guarantee consistent, low maintenance performance over a longer period of time over the previous clamping balls.

Lastly, like its predecessor, the new PowerChuck P workpiece palletizing system can be automated throughout. Sealing rings protect the chucks from waste and guarantee safe automatic loading.

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[PowerChuck Workholding System Offers New, Innovative Design; Still 100% Compatible with Previous Versions]

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