9-Axis Mill Turn Machine Ideal for Complex Machining

With a total of nine axes on DN Solutions' SMX Series, there is essentially no limit to what you can create.

SMX machines are equipped with larger chuck sizes than PUMA MX machines but deliver the same high performance and impressive flexibility.

Powerful Multi-Tasking Capacity for Higher Productivity

Higher multi-tasking capability is available from SMX machines through the combination of the left and right spindles, the B-axis milling function and a lower turret -- making the machines ideal for complex, high-precision machining.

VIDEO: Tour of PUMA SMX Series Production Line

The machine's orthogonal structure maximizes machining space. The 12 station high-rigidity servo turret ensures accurate and powerful cutting performance, and outstanding process reliability.

Outstanding Control Delivers Higher Precision

0.0001-degree precision control function of the B-axis and C-axis enables high-precision machining.

Minimized thermal displacement of the spindle and feed axis by the optimized cooling solution and smart thermal compensation ensure high precision even during long machining runs and extended use.

Easy and Convenient Functions

Front-located tool magazine and convenient ATC operation panel make it easy to change and replace tools, and monitor and check tool change operations. The side-to-side movable swivelling operation panel allows for adjustable height settings.

In addition, there is a user friendly work guidance function.

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[9-Axis Mill Turn Machine Ideal for Complex Machining]

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