Shot Blasting Machine Ideal for Deburring and De-sanding Parts That Can Tumble Over Each Other

Rösler's RMBC Tumble Belt Blast Machine is an example of a shot blasting technology specifically designed for the foundry and forge industry, and used for de-sanding, de-scaling, de-rusting, deburring and creating homogeneous surface finishes.

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at Rösler UK says, "Rösler's RMBC Tumble Belt Blast Machine allows for the effective shot blasting of work pieces that can tumble over each other without risk of damage. The machine can handle extremely small as well as large heavy workpieces very efficiently and is perfect for cleaning difficult to reach surface areas. The machine is characterized by high process stability and consistent shot blasting results, the optimal design of the troughed belt creating an intensive tumbling and mixing effect. A rubber belt can be used for gentle processing of delicate workpieces, and when heavy and robust work pieces are being finished, a steel slatted belt can be used."

The RMBC Tumble Belt Blast Machine is easy and safe to use, with the quick access to the load / unload area protected by a limit switch. It is an all-purpose machine, and is fast with a powerful drive and high-performance dust extraction which guarantees short cycle times.

It also exhibits good wear resistance, the blast chamber being made from manganese steel, and its compact, space saving design limits its footprint on the factory floor. In addition, the specially adapted work piece loading and unloading systems facilitate simple integration into existing manufacturing lines.

The machine also recycles and cleans the blast media through the use of a single stage, extra-wide air wash separator, and through the use of a vibratory conveyor which discharges large debris from the system. Blast media flow control to the turbine(s) can be by hand, automatic, or automatic with media flow monitoring. There is also the option of adding automatic blast media replenishment.

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[Shot Blasting Machine Ideal for Deburring and De-sanding Parts That Can Tumble Over Each Other]

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