Next-Gen Automatic Measurement System's New Optical System Creates Crisp Images

OGP SmartScope E-Series systems are the first in the next generation of SmartScope multisensor metrology systems.

Featuring a telecentric optical system with digital zoom, E-Series systems are the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking an automatic, 3-axis video measurement system that is cost-effective and easy to use.

SmartScope E-Series systems are available in two configurations to suit a wide variety of parts.

E7 is a benchtop model, featuring 250 x 150 x 200 mm of travel. An optional 300 mm extended X-axis is available.

VIDEO: OGP SmartScope E-Series Product Explainer Video

E45 is a floor model, offering 500 x 450 x 200 mm of travel. E45 is available with an optional 610 mm extended Y-axis and 300 mm extended Z-axis.

These systems are perfect for manufacturers in any industry looking for a system tailored for video edge detection metrology with optional touch probe capability, that can be placed in an environment where ease-of-use, high productivity, and reliability are extremely important.

SmartScope E-Series systems feature the all-new IntelliCentric optical system from OGP. This new optical system is built with advanced camera technology and trusted OGP image processing, resulting in an extremely crisp image.

IntelliCentric optics are fully telecentric and feature fixed lenses with digital zoom, and a 6-megapixel color camera. This results in an optical system that has very low distortion, instantaneous magnification changes, and excellent low mag performance. Since there are no moving parts in the optical system, E-Series systems are very reliable video metrology systems, offering high value at a low price point.

SmartScope E-Series systems feature an advanced illumination system. All LED coaxial, substage profile, and SmartRing light come standard. No light intensity adjustment is needed when changing magnification, making programming fast and easy.

Optional replacement lenses are available for an expanded magnification range -- allowing for a larger field-of-view, or higher magnification to meet application requirements.

The optional MSR rotary indexer can be added to rotate parts, bringing features into view for measurement.

TP-20 and TP-200 touch probes are also optionally available, allowing users the convenience of added part coverage for true multi-sensor measurement.

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[Next-Gen Automatic Measurement System's New Optical System Creates Crisp Images]

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