Milltronics' Slant Bed Lathe Cuts While Moving Forward, Backward, Up and Down

Milltronics' SL8-II CNC Lathe has a 22 hp spindle motor and a 4,000 rpm spindle. It comes standard with a 12-station auto turret with available options including a chip conveyor, tailstock, and tool presetter. The SL8-II features the latest 9000 Series control.

This popular size machine has an 8" 3-jaw chuck, a max turning diameter of 14", a max turning length of 20.7" and a 3.2" spindle bore.

Bi-Directional Turning Cycle is a Milltronics Software option. This Conversational Cycle improves turning speed and efficiency while taking advantage of the latest cutting tool technology. This allows for cutting while moving forward, in reverse, down, and up.

The SL Series CNC lathes feature robust true slant bed castings, roller ways for rigidity, direct coupled ballscrews and more.

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[Milltronics' Slant Bed Lathe Cuts While Moving Forward, Backward, Up and Down]

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