Say Goodbye to Bulky Piles of Swarf with New Chip Press

The WEIMA C.200 chip press is revolutionizing how machine tool businesses handle their turnings, swarf, and bird nests.

Hydraulic drainage presses are a clean, sustainable and economical solution to professionally dry, dispose of or resell shavings that are produced during machining. From collecting and compressing to draining and fluid reclaim, this machine does it all in a single step.

The WEIMA C.200 produces discs with a diameter of 200 mm -- completely without a failure-prone auger. Chips, which are produced during turning, milling, drilling or other machining operations, are pressed and then transported further into a container with low dripping. The pressed-out cooling lubricants, emulsions or oils can then be returned to the processing machine.

VIDEO: PUEHLER C.200 | The new metal chip press from WEIMA

The new chip drainage press compresses metal and plastic swarf. It does not matter which kind of shavings are produced. The C.200 compresses all common types of chips into compact discs and separates them from coolants and lubricants.

Chips can be generated from various processes including turning, milling, sawing or drilling. The C Series dewaters and compacts all common metal chips including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze and more. In this way, large piles of chips are turned into compacted discs. Cooling lubricant, oil, emulsion or water can be easily recycled or disposed of.

This machine has garnered interest from industry professionals looking to maximize the money they spend on cutting fluid and the time they spend moving this scrap around their plants.

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[Say Goodbye to Bulky Piles of Swarf with New Chip Press]

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