CNC Profile MC Built for High-Speed, Six-Sided Milling, Drilling, Tapping, and Sawing

C.R. Onsrud's 5-Axis X-Series provides a machining solution for all sizes and shapes of heavy and complex linear profile extrusions in aluminum, plastic, and other advanced materials. It supports a 400mm saw blade.

The powerful 17-24 hp spindle, at 24,000 rpm, gives you high material removal rates with fast acceleration and deceleration.

The 5-Axis capability combined with the automated clamping system option provides effective hold-down as well as up to 6-sided access to your workpiece without having to reposition your material for precise angles, undercuts, and surface finishes.

VIDEO: X-Series -- Extrusion Processing Profile Machining Center from C.R. Onsrud

From its heavy-duty steel base to its 400mm saw blade capacity, this machine has been engineered and manufactured to provide customers with an extrusion processing platform that is powerful, reliable, and easy to operate.

The X-Series comes with C.R. Onsrud's Extrusion-Grip clamping system, which consists of multiple auto-clamping vices that can be relocated along the length of the machine. This unique fixturing system provides maximum hold with minimal clamping footprint to optimize spindle clearance and allow chips, debris, and cut-offs to drop below the machining area and away from the spindle.

The X-Series comes standard with an F.E.A. engineered steel frame, integrated chip conveyor system, FANUC 5-axis control system, and a dual-column, fully enclosed moving gantry for rigid machining, chip containment, and operator safety.

Available with a wide range of options, the X-Series 5-Axis can be configured to a specific application.

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[CNC Profile MC Built for High-Speed, Six-Sided Milling, Drilling, Tapping, and Sawing]

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