New Industrial Computers Built to Handle Increasing Amount of Data Collected for Industry 4.0 Solutions

Moxa Inc. has launched a new family of x86 industrial computers (IPCs) with exceptional reliability, adaptability, and longevity to address the increasing demands of data connectivity and real-time processing of large volumes of sensor and device data at the industrial edge.

The industrial sector is rapidly embracing digital transformation with increased awareness about resource optimization, which is driving up the demand for reliable x86 IPCs as edge devices to interface with the industrial IoT application platforms and accelerate the deployment of Industry 4.0-enabled solutions.

To respond to the need for reliable and rugged IPCs in retrofit and upgrade projects at the industrial edge, Moxa has new x86 IPC families -- the BXP, DRP, and RKP series, in multiple form factors, adaptable interface combinations, and with various options of Intel® processors, totaling 75 different models. The comprehensive IPC portfolio is specially designed to meet the changing needs in the industrial automation field.

"To see strong growth in the IPC market, we have deployed an innovative process to create a new-generation IPC portfolio to tackle customer issues when purchasing IPCs, including product life-cycle costs, product features such as fanless design and easy configuration options, as well as life-cycle services," said Jonas Chen, head of x86 IPC Business at Moxa.

Comprehensive x86 Industrial Computer Portfolio for Diverse Automation Applications

The BXP, DRP, and RKP series offer three form factors based on the installation type, which include wall-mount, DIN-rail mount, and rackmount options. Users can choose the most suitable installation type based on their application scenario, considering space constraints and installation costs.

Engineered to maximize capabilities in industrial automation edge connectivity, the company believes these new-generation x86 IPCs set a new standard for reliability, adaptability, and longevity.

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[New Industrial Computers Built to Handle Increasing Amount of Data Collected for Industry 4.0 Solutions]

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