Innovative Polygonal Shank Toolholders Offer Increased Stability, Reduced Setup and Tool Change Time

Lyndex-Nikken offers innovative Polygonal Shank Toolholders for increased stability and versatility in machining.

Polygonal Shank Toolholders have a standardized interface as per ISO 26623 enabling extreme stability and a rigid connection between the tool and machine -- ideal for all processes both in turning and milling.

As precisely defined per ISO 26623, the Polygon Shank Coupling (PSC) interface features a unique tapered polygon which serves as a main element in torque transmitting, centering, and clamping. With double contact on both face and taper, as well as great cross-sectional strength, this interface is unrivaled in terms of high clamping force and bending stiffness.

According to the company, the combination of these excellent properties gives the PSC interface a clear advantage over HSK and 7/24 tapers with about 2x better bending and torsional characteristics. This translates into greater process stability, higher productivity, and lower costs.

Used in both standard turning centers and hybrid mill-turn machines, PSC turning toolholders enable a fast tool change solution for reduced downtime and increased productivity without compromising on stability and rigidity. Additionally, direct high pressure coolant nozzles increase tool life with higher feeds and speeds. This enables more time making chips and less time in unwanted stops -- resulting in a fast ROI.

Key benefits of using PSC turning tools include:

Lyndex-Nikken Polygonal Shank Toolholders are available in 5 sizes, flange diameters 32-40-50-63-80 mm (sizes C3-C4-C5-C6-C8).

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[Innovative Polygonal Shank Toolholders Offer Increased Stability, Reduced Setup and Tool Change Time]

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