Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Designed to Machine Complex, Small Diameter Parts

State-of-the-art small diameter parts processing is made possible by yet another evolution of design that highlights the new Star CNC SL-10 Swiss-type automatic lathe.

Built with integrity, stability and versatility, the SL-10 utilizes a single gang type tool post for turning and cross drilling/milling for multi-processing in a space-saving vertical layout.

Simultaneously, the dynamic main spindle and faster power-driven tools are optimally designed for high efficiency machining of complex, small diameter components.

VIDEO: Star GB | SL-7 & SL-10 CNC Sliding Head Lathe Demonstration

The 6-spindle unit with Y2-axis control can mount up to four power-driven tool units in their respective positions. Enhanced multi-processing capability in backworking contributes to reduced cycle times through the efficient splitting of processes. required by the medical, aerospace and electronics industries.

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[Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Designed to Machine Complex, Small Diameter Parts]

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