Alakai Defense Systems Awarded $30 Million Contract to Produce Explosive Detection Systems for the U.S. Navy

Alakai Defense Systems Inc. has been awarded a $30.7 million contract with the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division to provide multiple Checkpoint Explosive Detection Systems (CPEDS) as well as required training and product support.

Alakai Defense Systems' CPEDS is an extreme standoff range explosive detection system. CPEDS is used for Entry Point Security and performs detection and identification of bulk, residue and trace quantities of explosives, homemade explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and narcotics. CPEDS can be used for defense, security, and law enforcement applications. The system can be operated remotely, further isolating the operator from the threat chemicals or any potential blast radius.

CPEDS employs deep UV Raman spectroscopic detection methodologies to identify real-time threats. With expertise in laser-based sensing, threat sensing technology (UV, Vis, & IR), Alakai's products feature patented, proprietary eye-safety technology.

"Our military and allies increasingly face dangerous, life-threatening environments," explained Ed Dottery, President and CEO, Alakai Defense Systems. "I remain passionate in my mission to save lives and limbs from harm and our CPEDs provide some of the most advanced explosive detection technology ever developed to safeguard our Nation's defenders."

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[Alakai Defense Systems Awarded $30 Million Contract to Produce Explosive Detection Systems for the U.S. Navy]

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