Compact Computer System Built to Run a Smart Factory

BRESSNER Technology GmbH has launched the BOXER-6406-ADN.

This compact and fanless embedded computer system, based on the Intel Atom® Processor X Series / Intel® Processor N-Series platform, is the latest product from embedded PC solutions provider AAEON.

Designed to meet the demands of smart factory applications, the BOXER-6406-ADN boasts a variety of features that make it a particularly sturdy choice for industrial projects. Notably, its operating temperature stands out, ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

Furthermore, the system supports a wide input voltage range of 9V to 36V, including over/under voltage protection as well as short-circuit protection. To enhance its durability, the system is equipped with IEC 68-2-27 shock resistance and advanced anti-vibration capabilities.

Lockable I/O connectors have also been integrated to protect against wear and tear. With dimensions of only 186 mm x 104.6 mm x 49.1 mm, the compact housing of the BOXER-6406-ADN can be conveniently wall-mounted. The system relies solely on passive cooling mechanisms and eschews fan-based cooling systems to prevent the accumulation of contaminants in industrial environments.

The BOXER-6406-ADN is available in various variants, each equipped with Intel® N200, N50, or Intel® Atom® x7211E processors. This selection was made due to their exceptional combination of energy efficiency and powerful processing capability.

BRESSNER emphasizes that the BOXER-6406-ADN is precisely tailored to the needs of the smart factory market due to its rugged, compact, and fanless design combined with a variety of high-speed interfaces. The company particularly highlights its suitability for applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs), edge gateways, and automated manufacturing.

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[Compact Computer System Built to Run a Smart Factory]

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