Chlorine-Free Stamping Fluid Produces High-Strength Lubricating Film on Metal Surfaces

Tower Metalworking Fluids' TOWERPRO 5858-E is a chlorine-free, heavy-duty stamping fluid effective on multi-stage forming, piercing, drawing, and deep drawing operations that previously required highly chlorinated lubricants.

This product utilizes advanced additive technology, resulting in unique characteristics including producing high-strength lubricating film on metal surfaces and exceptional tool life without the use of chlorinated extreme-pressure additives.

Furthermore, TOWERPRO 5858-E leaves a light non-sticky film that provides in-process rust protection.

TOWERPRO 5858-E can be used as a straight concentrate, or diluted with water up to a 19:1 (5%) ratio. It forms an emulsion that effectively withstands bacterial attack, prevents foul odors, and is low misting.

This product is suitable for use on ferrous metals, high-strength alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum. It can be applied using airless spray, roller coater, drip methods, or recirculating systems.

TOWERPRO 5858-E can be easily removed from surfaces in aqueous cleaning systems by employing an alkaline cleaner.


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[Chlorine-Free Stamping Fluid Produces High-Strength Lubricating Film on Metal Surfaces]

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