Kaeser's Redesigned Screw Compressors Vastly Improve Energy Efficiency

Kaeser's CSD series compressors now feature five models from 60 to 125 hp with significantly improved efficiency over a wider range of flows and pressures.

Capacities range from 261-693 cfm at pressures from 80 to 217 psig. With new airend designs and IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motors, the already outstanding CSD compressors now have even better specific performance (kW/100 cfm) and deliver up to 25® more air than competitive models.

Kaeser's standard SIGMA CONTROL 2 includes superior external communication capabilities and data storage for better asset and energy management. Routine maintenance is easier than ever with an open package layout, oversized access doors, and convenient placement of fluid level indicator and fill port.

Standard features also include a frequency-controlled fan with a brushless DC motor and an eco-friendly fluid filter element. All five models are available with integrated refrigerated dryers and Eco-Drains.

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[Kaeser's Redesigned Screw Compressors Vastly Improve Energy Efficiency]

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