HGG's RoboRail Plasma Machine Reduces Cutting Time Up to 6 Hours

HGG Profiling Equipment BV recently introduced the RoboRail robotic plasma cutting machine.

The RoboRail has been proven to significantly reduce profile cutting time by up to six hours in some applications including pipe for railings, channels and other miscellaneous parts.

The compact robotic machine's ability to take designs directly from 3D SDS/2, TEKLA, STEP, and other CAD files ensures the most accurate cutting performance for channels, tube columns and angles up to 8-in. x 8-in., and 1 ¼-inch pipe. The Hypertherm plasma cutting system processes handrail pipe, stringer channels, box tubes, angles, etc., with ease.

VIDEO: RoboRail | All-in-One Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine

The Imperial measurement version of the RoboRail system features an infeed length/weight up to 882 lbs and outfeed length up to 8-feet maximum with an outside diameter of 10.79 inches and minimal flat bar thickness of 0.40 inches.

One customer reduced pipe profile cutting time from several minutes manually to 30 seconds after adopting the automated RoboRail system, including layout and marking.

The system's cutting accuracy eliminates the need for grinding and sawing and shaves significant time off welding processes.

Represented exclusively in the U.S. by Automated Layout Technology, RoboRail is suitable for supplementing larger capacity machines for added processing flexibility to cut copes and cut-outs quickly and accurately in angle, single-story tube columns for strip malls or mezzanines, bolted stairs, and 8-in. or 10-in. structural pipe.

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[HGG's RoboRail Plasma Machine Reduces Cutting Time Up to 6 Hours]

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