Closer to Reality: World's First Machine-to-Machine Network to Connect Over a Billion Devices

Hubble Network, which is creating a global satellite network that any bluetooth enabled device can connect to, has successfully closed a $20m Series A. This investment round, led by Transpose Platform, provides the capital necessary to launch the first series of satellites and onboard the initial pilot customers. This milestone brings Hubble one step closer to its vision of becoming the world's first machine-to-machine network to connect over a billion devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds immense promise, with the capacity to transform industries, improve efficiency, and enhance our daily lives. However, despite its possibilities, existing terrestrial and satellite networks have been holding back its full potential. Global accessibility remains a challenge, as current networks are limited to specific regions and fail to sufficiently cover rural, agricultural, maritime, and emerging regions predictably and seamlessly.

Moreover, the exorbitant costs associated with deploying, connecting, and scaling IoT devices act as barriers, restricting innovation and hampering growth.

Furthermore, prevailing solutions struggle to deliver the necessary power efficiency, leading to complicated deployment processes requiring solar cells and extremely large batteries. These three challenges have kept many dreams and innovations from coming to market.

Hubble Network is building the world's first global network that is easy to use, cost effective, and battery efficient. Their technology operates through a simple software framework, enabling any Bluetooth device to directly connect to its satellite network.

This revolutionary approach allows any existing device to be retrofitted to transmit data to the Hubble Network with no additional hardware changes. Given that there are almost 5 billion devices sold per year with Bluetooth, there is potential to usher in a new era of connectivity, empowering businesses and individuals to unlock unprecedented possibilities in a truly connected world.

Hubble Network's vision is to launch the first set of satellites in Q2 of 2024. These satellites will form the backbone of their network and allow them to activate their first pilot customers. They are actively working with a set of partners and customers across a variety of different applications and industries including consumer, supply chain, infrastructure, agriculture, and oil and gas.

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[Closer to Reality: World's First Machine-to-Machine Network to Connect Over a Billion Devices]

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