Titan's Redesigned Blast Cabinet Boasts Rugged Steel Frame to Handle Daily Abuse

Titan's blast cabinet was completely redesigned in 2021.

Everything about the cabinet was rethought and redesigned, including its robust structural steel frame, and its double-panel doors that will not leak or warp Titan's blast cabinet is built to withstand day-to-day abuse, including forklifts. The rugged structural steel frame won't bend, fold, or twist.

The cabinet comes standard with LED lights around the window frame to aid with visibility while blasting, eliminate work surface shadows, provide an exceptionally bright work area and reduce energy costs.

Titan's heavy-duty, industrial blast cabinet delivers high performance, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity -- all in a user-friendly design.

Featuring five models, the cabinet line comes complete with:

All Titan blast cabinets are 100% engineered and manufactured in America, and they are sold direct.

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[Titan's Redesigned Blast Cabinet Boasts Rugged Steel Frame to Handle Daily Abuse]

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