Solvent Vacuum System Provides Marks-Free Cleaning and Degreasing

SOLVACS' vacuum degreasing machine is available in 5 different sizes, depending on the dimensions and the volume of the parts to be processed. For special applications, the work chamber can be custom-made as well.

Abbreviation of SOLvent VACuum System, the SOLVACS vacuum degreasing machine meets the highest requirements for marks free cleaning / degreasing and drying performance.

The entire system in contact with the solvent (<100 mbar) works under vacuum to make it possible to clean at a temperature above the flash point of the solvent in both immersion and steam phase.

More than a degreasing machine, SOLVACS incorporates continuous distillation of the solvent to ensure optimal life and repeatable results.

An additional distillation minimizes the solvent content (<10%) in the waste being discharged. Water and other substances are automatically removed at low boiling temperatures by the desaturation process.

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HEMO/Surface Alliance Cleaning/Solvacs

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[Solvent Vacuum System Provides Marks-Free Cleaning and Degreasing]

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