CrazyMill Micro End Mill Comes with Innovative Cooling Concept; Ideal for Roughing and Finishing

CrazyMill Cool Micro Square -- with three or four flutes and through-shaft cooling -- is a new high-performance micro-endmill, developed by Mikron Tool for roughing and finishing operations, especially for difficult and very difficult-to-machine materials.

Two material-specific cutting-edge geometries are available: geometry S for stainless steels, structural steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and titanium alloys; geometry SX for heat-resistant alloys (e.g. Inconel, Monel, Nilo, Hastelloy) and CoCr alloys.

This micro-endmill shows its strengths especially when side and slot milling and when milling with helical interpolation.

CrazyMill Cool Micro is designed with an innovative, patented cooling concept.

The cooling lubricant is applied directly and extensively to the cutting edge, thereby allowing the heat to dissipate. The effect is higher cutting speeds and a significantly higher material removal rate. The result: 3 times shorter milling process.

The constant coolant jet ensures that the chips are continuously flushed out of the milling zone. This prevents them from being milled several times, which would damage the milling tool and the milled surface. The result: up to 2 times longer tool life and excellent surface quality.

VIDEO: Micro milling cutter with material-specific geometries -- CMC Micro

Available are two versions of square (small protection phase of 45°) micro-endmills with three or four flutes in the diameter range from 0.2 -- 1.0 mm (.008" -- .039") and for milling depths up to 3 x d and 5 x d.

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[CrazyMill Micro End Mill Comes with Innovative Cooling Concept; Ideal for Roughing and Finishing]

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