Epicor's Upgraded Kinetic Software Now Connects Users to 75+ Popular Apps and Platforms

Epicor has released Kinetic 2023.1.

Epicor's latest software captures the true value of cloud ERP with manufacturing know-how to accelerate growth and profitability. It allows manufacturers to digitally transform to capitalize on data and innovate without limits.

Intuitive, configurable, and guided browser-based applications make it easy to personalize your experience and access integrated capabilities like APS, CRM, and CPQ. Kinetic is built with you and for you, with 70,000 cloud manufacturing users, and growing fast.

Benefits of Kinetic 2023.1:

Kinetic cloud customers now have access to Grow, a low-code/no-code BI solution that connects to Kinetic Business Activity Queries, as well as more than 75 other popular apps and platforms -- providing the data and dashboards that Citizen Analysts can use to surface actionable insights.

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[Epicor's Upgraded Kinetic Software Now Connects Users to 75+ Popular Apps and Platforms]

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