Vollmer's New Grinding Machine Features Innovative Double Spindle Concept

The VGrind Argon is one of three new tool grinding machines from the sharpening specialist VOLLMER.

It is based on VOLLMER's innovative double spindle concept, which enables precise and efficient multi-level machining thanks to its two vertical spindles.

While other VGrind models can be configured for specific customer requirements, the VGrind Argon is a special edition that VOLLMER has designed for fast and cost-efficient access to the world of tool grinding.

VGrinds are suitable for machining rotary tools made from carbide, such as drills, milling cutters or reamers.

VIDEO: VOLLMER VGrind neon & VGrind argon

The Argon is equipped with an IoT Gateway (Internet of Things) and has an internal wheel measurement system, which measures the grinding wheels and monitors their wear. It also has a four-wheel grinding wheel changer as well as an internal pallet loader and is designed for fully automatic operation.

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[Vollmer's New Grinding Machine Features Innovative Double Spindle Concept]

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