EMAG's Power Skiving & Turning Machine Simplifies Gear Teeth Production

Accommodating up to four different power skiving tools on two spindles, plus up to six turning tools, EMAG's VSC 400 PS combines power skiving and turning for producing internal and external gear teeth on a single, simple to operate machine.

This machine comes with a stiff, high-performing B-axis for variable axis crossing angles, hydrostatic guidance along the Z-axis for maximum vibration damping and its closed power flow ensures extremely precise workpieces.

The intuitive operator interface of the skiving machine, which simplifies the work of the operator considerably, is of great significance. All the operator has to do is input the desired gear teeth values of the component, the values of the tool data sheet, and the cutting values. The machine does the rest. It independently calculates the entire machining program for the power skiving process.

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[EMAG's Power Skiving & Turning Machine Simplifies Gear Teeth Production]

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