9 Ways CPQ Software is Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is facing a number of challenges including rising costs, global competition, increasingly complex products, and high customer expectations. Additionally, a depleted labor market is making it difficult for many manufacturers to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry. Here are 9 ways Epicor's advanced CPQ software is helping to overcome these obstacles, while also driving disruption and innovation.

The most advanced CPQ solutions, like Epicor CPQ, have additional functionality, providing more than the standard configure, price, and quote components.



CPQ software solutions (CPQ, for short) are tools for configuring products, calculating prices for configurations, and generating quotes. Manufacturers selling complex configurable products can leverage these solutions to transform a once slow, error-prone sales cycle into a fast, error-free process. The result? More profit for manufacturers and a smoother experience for buyers -- a success for all sides.

How Is Advanced CPQ Software Different?

The most robust or "advanced" CPQ solutions, like Epicor CPQ, have additional functionality, providing more than the standard configure, price, and quote components. Features like visual product configuration, CAD automation, and systems integration save manufacturers significant time, effort, and money while enhancing customer experiences.

Below is a quick step-by-step of how advanced CPQ software works.

How Advanced CPQ Software Works from a User Perspective

How CPQ Software Is Reshaping Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has evolved and, with it, the expectations of today's buyers. Gone are the days when a generalized approach to manufacturing was sufficient for achieving success.

VIDEO: How Epicor CPQ Can Help Your Business

Today's buyers demand customization and convenience. They expect the ability to configure products to their exact specifications, order online, and receive their goods fast. They want high-tech products and buying journeys to match, and they want to navigate these journeys seamlessly and independently of sales reps.

CPQ solutions are making it possible for manufacturers to meet these demands, thus causing the further reshaping of the manufacturing industry.

Here are some of the key trends they're driving:

The manufacturing industry faces a new reality of increased competition, changing customer expectations, and the need for more efficient and personalized products. The introduction of CPQ software solutions is not only helping manufacturers to meet these demands, but it is also driving innovation.

CPQ automates multiple workflows to increase efficiency and productivity across the board.



With the ability to easily configure products to individual specifications, move away from mass production, and provide self-service buying experiences, manufacturers can differentiate themselves from the competition and cater to the demands of the modern buyer. The use of no-code and the integration of eCommerce are making it easier and more cost-effective for manufacturers to launch new products and expand their reach.

As manufacturing shifts and adapts to new demands, CPQ software solutions are emerging as a vital tool for manufacturers to stay competitive and keep pace with the market. With an array of innovative features, it's empowering manufacturers to meet the dynamic needs of today's buyers and stay ahead of a fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

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