Corrosion Problems? These Cleaners & Degreasers Could Be the Solution

ZERUST® AxxaWash™ Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser products are low foam, water-based alkaline cleaners designed to remove light to medium-duty hydrocarbon soils typically encountered in metalworking and metal finishing operations. The cleaner deactivates corrosion causing ionic contaminants such as chlorides left by metalworking fluids. It can be applied by immersion, high-pressure, and ultra high-pressure wash.

In addition to ZERUST® VCI film and other packaging products, ZERUST® offers an increasing range of cost-effective, high-performance wash fluids and rust preventative products. These products are formulated to work synergistically together to provide an enhanced, comprehensive corrosion solution.

Backed by global expert technical support and testing services, a comprehensive corrosion management program can be designed and deployed to meet each individual customer's needs.

AxxaWash Benefits:

VIDEO: ZERUST®/EXCOR® Cleaning Solutions

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[Corrosion Problems? These Cleaners & Degreasers Could Be the Solution]

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