Fully Automated Brazing System Handles Multiple Assemblies and Production Line Speeds

UltraFlex Power Technologies' Dragon RoboStand 24 integrates the SOLO Series induction heating system with a Universal Robots' cobot to achieve a fully automated brazing process. The induction heating system has successfully replaced the outdated and unsafe torch brazing.

The integrated induction coil mounted directly onto the robotic arm is capable of reliably brazing multiple joints by applying controllable heat precisely positioned by the robotic arm.

Dragon RoboStand 24 can automatically and consistently braze multiple joints located in predefined positions in an assembly.

Brazing alloy rings are assembled onto the joints prior to the brazing process. The robotic system is pre-programmed to move to each joint and to apply power for a pre-programmed time to ensure a repeatable and reliable brazing process. An optional automatic wire feeding system can be supplied to feed the brazing alloy instead of using brazing rings.

The system can accommodate different production line speeds and multiple assemblies. It can be equipped with an optional vision system, capable of recognizing a variety of assemblies and positioning the brazing coil always at the correct joint location.

It is suitable for brazing copper-to-copper, copper-to-steel, brass-to-copper, and aluminum tubes. It is ideal for flameless brazing of refrigerator compressors, heat exchangers, home appliance components, and complex HVAC assemblies.

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[Fully Automated Brazing System Handles Multiple Assemblies and Production Line Speeds]

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