Quiet, Compact Compressors Deliver High Levels of Air with 12% Less Energy Use

Compressor manufacturer BOGE's S-4 series of screw compressors has now been launched as a compact version for the 45 to 160 kW performance range.

The compressors generate a high level of free air delivery at low specific power consumption. The energy use of the new 75 kW compressor has been reduced by over 12% compared with its predecessor, while free air delivery has increased by almost 9%.

Generously sized components reduce internal pressure losses, and with a footprint of just 1.20 m x 2.00 m, the housing of the new models is considerably smaller than that of its older siblings. These compressors now feature the particularly powerful, low-energy IE4 motors and permanent magnet motors as standard.

Low Sound Pressure Level

These new models are also special, thanks to their quiet operation.

"We've been able to further reduce the noise level in the 45 kW performance class by more than 8 dB(A)," explains Frank Hilbrink. "And thanks to this reduction, we've also ensured greater flexibility, as the compressor can now be used in more sensitive environments."

Thanks to the new S-4 series models, BOGE is now able to offer companies with low compressed air requirements reliable, energy-efficient technology, even in situations where temperatures can exceed 45° C.

BOGE will present the compressed compressors at this year's Hanover Trade Fair. April 17th to 21st.

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[Quiet, Compact Compressors Deliver High Levels of Air with 12% Less Energy Use]

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