Strenx® Steel: Cut Weight and Haul More Freight

SSAB's Strenx® Steel is a high-strength structural steel that successfully helps manufacturers around the world build stronger, lighter and more sustainable equipment, in uses ranging from lifting and land clearing to earthmoving, material handling, hauling and trucking.

Today's heavy equipment needs to haul more, load more and lift more loads safely, challenging equipment owners to deal with the challenge of operating heavier equipment, rising fuel costs and driver shortages. On the roads, as container weights increase, equipment tare weights need to decrease to keep within the legal limits for gross vehicle weight. Strenx® steel is helping to meet the market's need for lighter, yet durable trailer chassis and booms to maximize load-carrying capacity.

For example, Strenx® in an upgraded side-dump trailer design was a game-changer that brought major weight savings to trailer and body builder Cross Country Manufacturing, Canadian trailer manufacturer.

"Customers benefit with an improved cost of ownership through operational savings such as lower fuel consumption," says Bill Yorke, Cross Country Manufacturing VP Sales. "They can enjoy a higher return on investment because the lighter overall weight puts the vehicle in a lighter licensing class, providing tare weight savings. We were able to add capacity without adding more weight, increasing payload, which means fewer trips, higher productivity and fuel efficiency."

Strenx® is also used in rear impact guards for underride protection to help lower the risk of fatal injuries in rear-end collisions, providing a better strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum guards.

Higher Productivity Within Reach

As a steel with high yield strength, Strenx® has proven successful in lifting equipment, bringing more power, reach and flexibility to the job site. It is designed to work under high load stresses without compromising on safety or causing equipment failure, providing maximum strength, lift height and lift capacity at less weight.

Strenx® high-strength steel plate, tubes and hollow sections in reduced thicknesses can benefit cranes, hoists, spider lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers and more. Thanks to its tight thickness and flatness tolerances, Strenx® steel enables fabricators to accurately bend the components needed.

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[Strenx® Steel: Cut Weight and Haul More Freight]

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