New High-Precision Shaping Package Delivers 70% Improvement in Feature Sharpness

Mantle has released a High-Precision Shaping package.

The package, which includes 0.006" and 0.010" ball mill cutting tools and automated toolpathing software, enables tool rooms to automate their toolmaking process by producing sharp corners and edges without requiring EDM operations. By eliminating EDM and other toolmaking operations, Mantle helps tool rooms reduce the time required to produce mold tools by up to 75%.

VIDEO: Mantle's TrueShape Metal 3D Printing Process

"At Mantle, our goal is to help tool rooms increase the number of complex mold tools they produce while reducing the time, cost, and labor to produce them," commented Ted Sorom, Mantle CEO and co-founder. "By deploying our new High-Precision Shaping capabilities, our customers can produce steel tools faster than ever -- without requiring programming, setup, and operator time from overworked toolmakers."

Mantle's TrueShape™ technology combines 3D printing of its tool steel pastes with traditional CNC machining to refine the shape of printed tools and deliver accuracy, surface finish, and tool steel properties unmatched in the metal 3D printing industry.

Mantle's 3D printer is built on a trusted CNC platform and utilizes multiple cutting mills to refine the shape of the printed tool while it is still in a soft state. Mantle's new High-Precision Shaping package enables tool rooms to produce tools with radii under 0.003", a 70% improvement compared to the .010" radii previously attainable, thereby eliminating more of the costly and time-consuming EDM operations of traditional toolmaking.

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[New High-Precision Shaping Package Delivers 70% Improvement in Feature Sharpness]

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