Fully Autonomous Forklift Can Carry Over 3,000 Pounds

ForwardX Robotics has introduced its latest autonomous forklift: Apex C1500-L.

The new forklift further enhances ForwardX's capabilities in pallet movement workflows with a higher payload capacity and the ability to work with both GMA and Euro pallets.

With difficulties in hiring and retaining forklift operators and employees in general, automation in the form of AMRs has been gaining traction across the globe. Autonomous forklifts are one of the most recent AMR iterations to reach the market, solving significant pain points for many users.

ForwardX released its Apex 1400-L autonomous forklift last summer and has already deployed in several warehouses. The success of Apex 1400-L led to the development of the new Apex C1500-L in order to solve more customers' pain points with its GMA and Euro pallet capabilities.

VIDEO: Apex C1500-L Autonomous Forklift

"Intelligent unmanned forklifts offer high flexibility to increase work efficiency and employee safety while reducing costs within an operation. We believe that autonomous forklifts play a key role for businesses looking to stay competitive within today's supply chain. Through the leading multi-sensor fusion technology and deep learning computer vision, our Apex 1500 precisely and intelligently handles pallets in various warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing scenarios," said ForwardX Robotics CEO, Nicolas Chee.

Apex C1500-L has a payload capacity of 3,306 lbs and ensures ± .3 in pallet placement precision. The forklift can identify the angle at which a pallet is placed and adjust autonomously in real-time to complete its task even when a pallet is misplaced. The new forklift was designed with multiple workflows in mind, including receiving, put away, restocking, cross-zone handling, conveyor docking, and outbound workflows.

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[Fully Autonomous Forklift Can Carry Over 3,000 Pounds]

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