ProTrack Software Optimizes Labor Management Across Your Supply Chain

TZA's ProTrack software can increase productivity and throughput by 10 to 30% in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging processes with real-time performance management and analytics.

ProTrack's labor management capabilities in the cloud in real time allows everyone from front line managers to corporate executives instant access and visibility to workforce performance. That means lower overall cost, more flexibility to scale user count and real-time upgrade deployment and maintenance.

ProTrack allows floor managers to run their entire operation in real-time from one screen. No more having to maneuver through multiple screens and reports to manage your business.

Labor Planning

ProTrack's Labor Planning module has the ability to accurately determine labor requirements by work area and intelligently assign the most qualified resources resulting in a least cost execution strategy.

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[ProTrack Software Optimizes Labor Management Across Your Supply Chain]

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