PowerJet System Cleans Complex Parts Without Damaging the Surface

LPW's PowerJet is a high-quality system for industrial parts cleaning based on aqueous media.

This high purity cleaning system use the CNp technology for industries such as semiconductor, medical, optic etc.

The PowerJet cleaning machine is available in 3 standard overall dimensions depending on the size of the parts to be processed and the volume of parts to be processed. (For special applications, the working chamber can be custom-made).

VIDEO: PowerJet Modular Industrial Cleaning System

The PowerJet also has a new compact version that is just under 43 ft².

CNp technology ensures an ultra-efficient cleaning of complex geometries such as grooves, blind holes and narrow channels without attacking the surface of the parts.

As part of the PowerJet, the CNp opens up new cleaning opportunities in many areas: cleaning capillary components, de-powdering after additive manufacturing and disinfecting medical instruments.

The PowerJet allows the use of well-known cleaning and drying processes (such as infrared) according to the expected cleanliness requirements.

Operating in a closed circuit, excellent fluid treatment is essential. Repeatable cleanliness results are achievable by draining the bath regularly.

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[PowerJet System Cleans Complex Parts Without Damaging the Surface]

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