Machine Tending Robot Can Handle Different-Sized Parts with One Program

RoboTrex is a pre-engineered CNC machine tending solution for all new or existing 5-axis CNCs, VMCs, HMCs, and lathes.

Key Features:

RoboTrex was developed in Germany by LANG to make LANG vises. After perfecting the system,they went to market in Europe with great success.

VIDEO: RoboTrex Machine Tending -- CNC Operation

The Metalcraft Automation Group (MAG) was asked to team up with LANG in the USA. They used the original design and "Americanized" it by using US steel, US controls components, and US labor. The company still imports the high quality LANG vises, carts, docking stations, and grippers that make RoboTrex superior and easy to use.

Combined with Metalcraft's years of automation experience, the folks at RoboTrex USA believe they have a clear advantage over the competition when it comes to overall value proposition.

Additional RoboTrex Benefits:

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[Machine Tending Robot Can Handle Different-Sized Parts with One Program]

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