Automated System to Mass Finish 3D Printed Parts

Rösler AM Solutions' M1 Basic is a compact plug-and-play finishing system with integrated process controls that allows the surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of 3D printed plastic and metal components.

Equipped with an integrated process water cleaning and recycling system and a 230 Volt connection, the M1 Basic can be easily integrated into practically any production environment as stand-alone unit. It allows the finishing of entire work piece batches or single components with dimensions of up 550 x 150 x 130 mm (L X W X H) and with different shapes.

This innovative system can be easily adapted to all kinds of finishing tasks.

Workpiece specific programs can be stored in the equipment controls. The standard processing bowl can be divided into two separate chambers. This allows the simultaneous finishing of different work pieces with different finishing processes.

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[Automated System to Mass Finish 3D Printed Parts]

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