New Gas Torches Perfect for Cutting Thick Material in Steel Mills

Harris Products Group is expanding its line of V-Series® 62-5 straight hand-held cutting torches to include options with equal pressure mixers. The V-Series delivers the performance and quality of the Harris 62-5 while also offering the benefit of using the Victor®-style conical tips that customers may already have in stock.

Designed for demanding environments, the V-Series 62-5 line includes torches for most fuel gases or alternate fuels. They are all equipped with FlashGuard® check valves that prevent the reverse flow of gases for added safety. The products are ideal for high-capacity jobs, thick material cutting, and heating, and are commonly used in applications such as scrap yards, shipyards, rail yards and steel mills. The V62-5 reduces the need for grinding and rework, and it offers a reduced cost-per-cut and fast preheat times.

The V62-5 torches can cut materials up to 12 inches (304.8 millimeters) thick and come in lengths from 21 inches to 72 inches (533.4 millimeters to 1,828.8 millimeters), for a wide range of cutting and heating needs. The torches have a forged head and are available in 70, 90 and 180-degree head angles. The lever is made of solid brass which gives each torch a long service life.

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[New Gas Torches Perfect for Cutting Thick Material in Steel Mills]

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