ANCA's FX5E Linear Grinder Loads and Unloads Tools in 15 Seconds

ANCA Americas (Wixom, MI) will be showcasing its FX5E Linear Machine at EXPO MANUFACTURA in Monterrey, Mexico February 7th to 9th.

The FX5E is ANCA's affordable tool grinding package and is an economical choice for a quality elemental machine for small to medium grinding of cylindrical tools.

The FX5E is all-pneumatic with a pneumatic headstock and a new CAM-drive pneumatic two wheel-pack changer. The wheel changer is mechanically guided on a circular path. The pneumatics ensures smooth arrival and accurate positioning at its end position after each wheel change motion.

The AR300 automatic tool loader, designed and manufactured by ANCA has a fast tool loading and unloading cycle time of 15 seconds and enables unattended operation.

An innovative feature of the FX5E is a unique swing table pallet design to load and unload AR300 standard pallets. The swing table is easily accessible directly from the operator door without the need for a separate loader door.

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[ANCA's FX5E Linear Grinder Loads and Unloads Tools in 15 Seconds]

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