Meet the First Human-Centric Robot for Logistics

Agility Robotics is launching Digit, the world's first human-centric robot designed to work reliably and safely with people, at ProMat 2023.

Digit will work in existing spaces without needing costly retrofitting to help with tote movement and manipulation applications.

Attendees at ProMat 2023 will have the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of Digit handling totes and learn how Digit works in warehouses or distribution centers.

Additionally, Jonathan Hurst, Agility's Chief Technology Officer, will present "Human-Centric Robotics: Walking Into the Warehouse," on Wednesday, March 22, in Theater F at 2:15 PM. Dr. Hurst will discuss the three "robot revolutions," including the dawn of human-centric, multi-purpose robots that work in human spaces with and around people. Such flexibility allows robots to walk into existing warehouses and augment the human workforce.

ProMat 2023, featuring some of the world's leading manufacturing and supply chain solution providers is taking place March 20-23 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.

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Agility Robotics

ProMat Seminar

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[Meet the First Human-Centric Robot for Logistics]

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