New Tower Pallet Storage System Helps Create Flexible Manufacturing Cell

GROB Systems, Inc. has announced a new versatile and customizable automation solution which further improves machining productivity on a range of GROB machining centers.

The PSS-T300 Tower Pallet Storage System, which enables automation and increases part production throughput, is the latest entry to the wide range of GROB automation solutions for creating flexible manufacturing cells.

VIDEO: GROB's G350 operating with a rotating pallet storage system.

Especially well-suited for smaller shops where one operator is responsible for running multiple machines, the new PSS-T300 Tower Pallet Storage System automatically removes and loads pallets, offering unmanned 24/ 7 operations or lightly attended shifts when paired with GROB G150, G350 and G350a 5-Axis Universal Machining Centers.

"We are very pleased to offer our customers an exceptionally flexible pallet automation solution which can be configured to suit their application requirements," said Derek Schroeder, Universal Machines, Sales & Proposals Manager, GROB Systems, Inc.

Easily retrofitted, the PSS-T300 provides excellent access to the work area while offering space-savings via its tower design.

The new pallet storage system offers flexible setup options and can be paired with one or two machines, and configured with one or two setup stations.

The PSS-T300 can handle a variety of pallet sizes including Erowa ITS148/ PC210 and GROB standard 320 x 320 mm/ 400 x 400 mm, and has storage capacity of up to 81 round pallets and up to 38 square pallets. For ease of operation, integrated software enables intuitive cell control.

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[New Tower Pallet Storage System Helps Create Flexible Manufacturing Cell]

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