Cross-Member Turns Any Vise or Clamp on its Side, Providing More Versatility

Phillips Precision's Products Division has introduced the new Cross-Member™ as part of the Inspection Arsenal® fixture system. Inspection Arsenal® optimizes your inspection process to deliver perfect parts faster than ever before.

The Cross-Member™ is a quick and simple solution to turn any clamp or vise on its side -- providing more versatility for access to critical part features.

Made of black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, the Cross-Member™ is designed with .5" holes on each end to fit over any standard .5" diameter standoff with thumb screws to secure at any height. A single row of fixture mounting holes (1/4-20 or M6) are located on the sides, perpendicular to the holes on the surface plate.

The Cross-Member™ is available in both Inch and Metric versions, giving vision systems and CMM programmers more set up options than ever before.

Benefits of the Inspection Arsenal® fixture system include:

Inspection Arsenal® complements other fixturing you may have, and the value makes converting from other techniques very cost effective. Plates with air-glide features are made to order. The standard Loc-N-Load™ product is ready-made and the company has a same-day shipping policy.

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[Cross-Member Turns Any Vise or Clamp on its Side, Providing More Versatility]

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