New Software Delivers Industry-First Automation Capabilities for ERP Operations

Avantra has launched its latest software -- Avantra 23.

The updates in the new software deliver service quality that has never been seen before in SAP operations, with ready-to-use workflow automation templates, including SAP system refresh, automated SAP security analysis, and much more. With the rise of hybrid architecture in enterprise landscapes, there is growing complexity in SAP operations, making the need to save time ever more important.

The new Avantra 23 platform update gives businesses that rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems something that nothing else can -- exceptional service quality of ERP operations.

Research from Deloitte shows that 55% of an IT budget goes to keeping operations running and only 19% to building innovative new capabilities. The latest Avantra release provides customers with a force multiplier that releases talent from time consuming manual activities. Even a conservative 10% reduction alone saves organizations millions over the course of a year, and hours of time that could be used to introduce the applications that businesses crave.

John Appleby, Avantra CEO, explains that, "There is so much work to do in enterprise IT operations, and not enough people to do it. So, we need to be thinking about them as automators rather than operators. That is the talent transformation that has to happen in our industry.

"The biggest challenge for business automation is that key talent holds all the knowledge about the activities which an organization wants to automate and are also the busiest. With Avantra 23, we are solving this paradox by automating repetitive monitoring and maintenance activities and providing a foundation that enables the automation native to rise above the manual work that holds them back. And that's how the Avantra AIOps platform is enabling hyperautomation for customers."

VIDEO: Avantra Customer Summit

The enhanced automation engine provides updated customizable workflow templates and the ability to automate system refresh, creating time for the operations team to focus on greater business value projects that deliver shareholder value, revenue, and profitability. Speaking at the tech company's customer summit in October, Appleby said, "There's no easy way to say it, businesses just have to prioritize automation. That also requires the need to give ERP operations teams a little space to put in automation, because it will give back benefits 10 times over."

"Avantra customers have always been able to integrate with many ITSM solutions, including ServiceNow. Avantra 23 now harnesses our platform's deep SAP automation capabilities to allow customers to connect other workflow and automation systems, such as Red Hat's Ansible. This integration, developed in partnership with Red Hat, enables customers to swiftly build and deploy SAP automation solutions as part of any existing automation strategy."

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[New Software Delivers Industry-First Automation Capabilities for ERP Operations]

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