Tool Measuring Machine Now Features 3D Sensor Technology; Perfect for Micro-Tools

UNITED GRINDING has upgraded the WALTER HELICHECK PLUS tool measuring machine with an integrated 3D sensor. The company demonstrated the new technology for the first time in North America at IMTS 2022.

The 3D sensor technology enhances the already robust capabilities of the HELICHECK PLUS by enabling the machine operator to generate 3D models of tools and production parts using laser-scanning technology. The 3D models can then be compared to an original target model from a customer's CAD/CAM system.

The low vibration and solid granite base of the HELICHECK PLUS maximize measuring accuracy The machines' four axes sport four cameras. Its certified accuracy (E1 = (1.4 + L/300) µm) and repetition accuracy ≤ 1.0 µm (≤ 0.000039") are precise and reliable, and it has numerous options that let toolmakers customize it to fit what they make.

On the software side, the WALTER Quick Check Modular (QCM) measuring technology software provides Easy Check for automatic profile detection, Teach-In Mode for freely programmable measuring and a Quick Check Grinding Wheel option for preparing grinding wheels for the production machine.

The HELICHECK PLUS was built to serve micro-tools, and the machine features optical, contactless measurement technology -- ideal for sensitive materials and small parts. The fourth camera provides 400x magnification, expanding the range of applications for micro-tools all the way down to a minimum diameter of 0.1 mm (0.0039").

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United Grinding/Walter

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[Tool Measuring Machine Now Features 3D Sensor Technology; Perfect for Micro-Tools]

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