TurboBlast® Air Gun Perfect for Large Clean-Up Jobs

EXAIR has introduced its new TurboBlast® Safety Air Gun.

The TurboBlast Safety Air Gun is a powerful and ergonomic air gun with an adjustable airflow capable of producing up to 23lbs of force.

The air gun is designed for extended use without fatigue during large clean-up jobs. The rugged cast aluminum handle is covered with a soft, durable elastomer grip. The low-profile trigger button will disengage if released.

The TurboBlast Safety Air Gun is one of the innovative products that can be found in EXAIR's new Catalog 34; a full-color technical guide offering solutions to common industrial conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static electricity problems.

In addition to the air gun, the expanded Catalog 34 introduces the new HollowStream™ Liquid Atomizing Nozzles, and the Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle.

The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle is the latest static eliminator built for laboratories, scientific testing, clean processes and sensitive assembly work. The 3/8 NPT HollowStream is a new nozzle that creates a uniform hollow cone spray pattern perfect for cooling, washing, rinsing and dust suppression. Type 303 stainless steel makes these nozzles durable and corrosion resistant that work seamlessly with a variety of liquids.

For more information or to request the catalog, click below.


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[TurboBlast® Air Gun Perfect for Large Clean-Up Jobs]

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