Beaumont Machine Reacquired by Founders; World-Class Builder of EDMs for Aerospace

New facility for Beaumont Machine, located in Batavia, Ohio near Cincinnati



Founded by Ed and Tanya Beaumont over 30 years ago, Beaumont Machine was recently repurchased, after the owners had sold the business in early 2013.

As Ed Beaumont explains, "We had a great relationship with the new owner but we believed the company needed a revitalization to benefit our customers, employees and the evolving EDM industry. In addition to repurchasing Beaumont Machine, we have reassumed the day-to-day operation of the company. In addition, we have moved the operation into a larger location to increase production and expand our service capabilities." That new location is in Batavia, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati.

FH Series, the standard line of Beaumont EDM drilling machines



Beaumont Machine's contributions to the aerospace and power generation industries are many and, with this buyback, the company is ready to meet the needs of the changing EDM industry.

"We pride ourselves on not only understanding the applications in the various industries we serve but also on building the best machines for the applications we encounter, from small hole to large workpieces," adds Tanya Beaumont.

From the standard mill style EDM to machining cells with complete robotic operation for large aircraft engine and launch vehicle sections, Beaumont has built machines with an 8' part rotation, a robotic arm with 10' reach, and machines as small as 36" in width. A new 7-axis EDM drill has just been developed. All Beaumont machines feature the most advanced CNC technology and user interface.

SpaceX custom EDM robotic work cell, entirely designed, engineered, built and commissioned by Beaumont Machine.



With customers worldwide, as Ed Beaumont observes, "We are committed to innovation and customer partnerships in various industries, in countries around the globe. It's a testimony to the fact that the world is still hungry for American technology and ingenuity. We're very proud of that."

Among its recent successes is a custom robotic EDM work cell for SpaceX.

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