Automatic Rotary 4-Pallet Changer Offers Quadruple the Walk-Away Time on Your New or Existing VMC

MIDACO Corporation continues to expand its Automatic Pallet Changer line with the introduction of a FOUR-pallet system on ONE shuttle.

Whether running high volume production of the same part or programming several different setups, the Automatic Rotary 4-Pallet Changer can be loaded and scheduled to feed a new or existing VMC for multiple hours of unattended machining, extending operator walk-away time and maximizing productivity.

This shuttle's pallet carrousel provides a full 360-degree rotation allowing all four pallets to be conveniently accessed from flip-panel stations located on two sides of the pallet changer. Easily load and unload heavy parts (up to 2000 lb capacity per pallet on largest model) with a crane or robot without any overhead obstruction.

Once a job cycle is complete, pallets will rotate automatically on the shuttle carrousel and the pallet changer's servo drive transfers the next pallet onto the cast-iron receiver mounted directly onto the machining center table. Durable precision ground steel rails and hardened locating pins/bushings assure ± 0.0001" (0.0025mm) repeatability.

Equipped with a 2-sided, light-curtain guarding system via light emitters, mirrors and sensors, a pallet change will not occur if the invisible light beams surrounding the shuttle system are breached, meeting CE compliance.


Increase performance during a regular shift or during lights-out manufacturing with only a skeleton crew maintaining the production.

Mounting parts onto pallets outside of the machine tool while other parts are being machined reduces wasted time and cost of part change over which forces the machine to be idle. Once the parts inside are complete, the pallet changer automatically switches the pallets in seconds and the next batch is ready to go.

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[Automatic Rotary 4-Pallet Changer Offers Quadruple the Walk-Away Time on Your New or Existing VMC]

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