3 in 1: Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer in a Single Machine

Rush Machinery's CH-CM0406 Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer machine provides three blank preparation functions in a single machine.

Carbide rods up to 23.5" (600mm) long can be cut to length, prepointed, and/or chamfered. Any combination of the three functions can be used separately or together.

Loading and unloading are fully automatic for unattended operation.

A user-friendly controller makes programming easy and compensates for wheel wear. The machine's capacities are: 1/8" -- 1" (3mm -- 25mm) OD and cut lengths of 2" -- 16.5" (50mm -- 420mm).

Benefits include:

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Rush Machinery

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[3 in 1: Cut-Prepoint-Chamfer in a Single Machine]

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