EMAG's Vertical Lathes Now Delivered IoT-Ready

EDNA is a modular software ecosystem of interconnected software and machine components for establishing IoT solutions.



EMAG is convinced that the future belongs to data-optimized production.

Optimizing cycle times and unit costs is important, but EMAG goes one step further and focuses on overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and its optimization based on manufacturing data. Through data analysis, unnecessary downtimes, due to component wear, for example, or, in the worst case, due to the failure of a machine, can be reduced or avoided altogether. Productivity increases of over 10 percent are the norm here.

With their integrated automation, VL lathes offer maximum performance and low unit costs.



To make it as easy as possible for EMAG customers to enter the world of data-optimized production, the machines in the VL series are now delivered IoT-Ready.

This means that the machines can be integrated directly into existing IoT networks with little effort. Specifically, this means that the machines are equipped with an EDNA IoT core (an IPC). This IPC is already installed and networked with the machine controller.

In addition, the machines are equipped with the EDNA NEURON 3DG sensor technology (one or more acceleration sensors on the spindle and, if necessary, the Y-axis), which enables regular automatic monitoring of the machine's health. Thus, data-optimized production can be started directly.

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[EMAG's Vertical Lathes Now Delivered IoT-Ready]

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