ANCA's GCX Linear Gears Up for the EV Revolution

Driven by the automotive industry's electrification and the general rise of e-mobility, the demand for skiving cutters has seen 30% year on year growth.

ANCA's GCX Linear provides a complete solution for customers to tap into this rapidly developing market, including the ability to produce skiving cutters, shaper cutters and regrinding of hobs.

It offers advanced stand-alone software to design and optimize the tool, neatly interfaced with the gear tool package inside ANCA's ToolRoom software.

The machine is designed for accuracy with features including all axes with LinX linear motors and an enhanced headstock.

GCX Linear boasts a series of technologies: AEMS dressing, MTC on grinding spindle and dresser spindle, integrated gear tool measurement and direct compensation -- setting the new standard for producing skiving tools that achieve the highest DIN AA quality class.

ANCA has developed a world-first integrated gear tool measurement system, which enables all the grinding-measuring-compensation to be done in the machine. This is the only practical closed-loop solution in the market and will be on display at IMTS as part of the skiving cutter production process on GCX Linear.

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[ANCA's GCX Linear Gears Up for the EV Revolution]

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